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An Unfortunate Update

Dear Friends, Family, Patrons, and Followers of Seoul Shakespeare Company:

Due to the declining but still lingering effects of the COVID-19 virus in Korea and for the safety of our actors, crew members, production team, and audience members, we have decided to cancel our 2020 production of As You Like It. In addition, a number of unforeseen obstacles have made the possibility of rehearsing and performing a much more difficult task. Keeping our actors’ schedules and lives in mind, we have decided to pursue a different production for 2021. Though we were only a month and a half away, we thought it best to bring an end to the process we had worked on so diligently, but our work here is never finished, and we are committed to bringing high quality, powerful productions to audiences here in Seoul.

In a better world than this, I shall desire more love and knowledge of you.

- Le Beau (As You Like It, Act I, scene 2)

Jamie Horan

Managing Director

Seoul Shakespeare Company

서울 셰익스피어 컴패니의 관객, 후원자, 동료분들께 알려드립니다.

장기화되고 있는 코로나19 사태와 관련하여 저희는 배우와 스텝, 관객분들의 안전을 최우선으로 고려하고자, 예정작 ‘뜻대로 하세요’의 공연을 취소하기로 결정하였습니다.

배우들의 일정과 극단의 계획에 맞추어, 2021년에 새로운 작품으로 돌아올 예정입니다. 개막을 두달도 남기지 않은 시점이라 가슴이 아프지만, 주어진 상황에서 내린 최선의 결정이라 생각합니다.

당분간의 휴식이 끝은 아닙니다. 서울 셰익스피어 컴패니는 계속해서 관객분들께 최고의 공연을 선보이기 위해 노력하겠습니다.

“...지금보다 더 나은 세상에서, 그대를 더 사랑하고, 더 알게 되기를 바랍니다.”

- 제이미 호런 (서울 셰익스피어 컴패니 운영 감독)

Show Dates!

With the increased rate of COVID-19 infections in February and March, Seoul Shakespeare Company decided to put their work on the 2020 production of As You Like It on hiatus until we started to see more stability. As we believe things are starting to return to normal, we'd like to announce show dates and the venue for this year's main stage production.

As You Like It will run October 10-11, 17-18, and 24-25 (7:00 pm), with two shows on October 17 and 24 (3:00 and 7:00 pm) at Spring Theater (극장봄), located near Hansung University Station. Have a safe and happy summer, and we'll see you in October!

As You Like It has been cast!

With auditions and callbacks completed, Seoul Shakespeare Company is ready to officially announce our cast for its 2020 production of As You Like It:

Orlando - Rowan Crabtree

Adam/Sir Oliver Martext/Hymen - Christopher Zaczek

Oliver - Daniel Kennedy

Charles/William/Jaques De Boys - Louis Groves

Celia - Amanda Conkey

Rosalind - Kit Huff

Touchstone - Michael Everhard

Duke Frederick/Duke Senior - Wendy Rae Moore

Amiens - Daniel Cryer

1 Lord (Court and Forest) - Joshua Cate

Corin/Le Beau - Lorne Oliver

Silvius/Denis - Mark Dorman

Jaques - Martin Boswell

Audrey/2 Lord - Barri Tsavaris

Phoebe - Carole Godfrey

Seoul Shakespeare Company is happy to announce auditions for our next spring production: 

As You Like It

directed by Jamie Horan

AYLI - auditionsfixed.jpeg

Audition Sides

Sides for auditions (December 7, 8) are here! Though certain characters and scenes have been omitted from this selection, some of them will be available for callbacks. Feel free to browse, download, and print them off so you can be as prepared as possible! 

(This information is also available on our Facebook event page:)


Audition Dates:

Saturday December 7th, 1:00-5:00pm

Sunday December 8th, 1:00-5:00pm

(Call backs Sunday December 15th, 1:00-5:00pm.)


Location: Our rehearsal space near Sungshin Women's University Station (성신여대입구역) (Line #4) (see directions below)


Actors of all experience levels are welcome to audition. We are looking for a strong ensemble of actors who function well in a collaborative environment. This year we are not asking for prepared monologues. Auditionees will be asked to read from sides. The sides will be posted here approximately one week before auditions. They do not need to be memorized. We highly recommend getting some familiarity with the entire play before the audition, through reading the play and/or watching a variety of productions on video. 


At least one character in this play sings. We will give all auditionees an opportunity to sing something in the audition if they wish (just a few bars, unaccompanied). Also, if you play a musical instrument, please bring it to the audition if possible.


To schedule your audition, email with your name, phone number, and preferred audition time.


AUDITION TIMES (choose 1):


Saturday December 7th:


B: 2:00-2:50pm

C: 3:00 - 3:50pm

D: 4:00 - 4:50pm


Sunday December 8th:


B: 2:00-2:50pm

C: 3:00 - 3:50pm

D: 4:00 - 4:50pm


***Please arrive approximately 15 minutes before your audition time. There will be an audition form to fill out in the stairwell while you are waiting. (The rehearsal room will be a comfortable temperature, but the stairwell will be cold, so please dress accordingly.) Remember to allow yourself extra time to find the space.





Address: 4-8 Dongseong-dong, 1(il)-ga, Seongbuk-Gu (성북구 동선동 1가 4-8번지), 4th floor






Sungshin Women's University Station (성신여대입구역) (subway line #4). 


Go out Exit 1. Turn right at the first major pedestrian street (at KB bank, just after Innisfree). Walk about 150 yards. Turn right at Tony Moly. Walk about 50 yards to Glow Bar or 7080 Bar on the right. Come up to the 4th floor.


Go out Exit 2 and walk straight (down the tree-lined street) for about 120 yards. Turn left at the Emart 24. Walk about 50 yards to Glow Bar or 7080 Bar on the left (look for the signs up high as you approach). Come up to the 4th floor.

(Exit 2 was recently built and is quicker and more pleasant. Exit 1 may be more familiar to those who have been to the space before.) 

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