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Titus Andronicus (2015)

타이투스 안드로니쿠스

Photos by Jorge Toro, My Seoul Photography

Videos from our Indiegogo fundraising campaign:


영어 공연 / 한글자막 지원


Dates and times:

Saturday, May 30: 7pm

Sunday, May 31: 2pm, 7pm

Saturday, June 6: 2pm, 7pm

Sunday, June 7: 2pm, 7pm

Saturday, June 13: 2pm, 7pm

Sunday, June 14: 2pm, 7pm


공연 시간:

5월 30 - 7pm

5월 31 - 2pm, 7pm

6월 6 - 2pm, 7pm

6월 7 - 2pm, 7pm

6월 13 - 2pm, 7pm

6월 14 - 2pm, 7pm


Location: Theater Egg and Nucleus 알과핵 소극장

위치 : 알과핵 소극장


Directions: Hyehwa Station (혜화역) (Line 4), Go out exit 2. Turn left at the first road (at the Dunkin Donuts) and walk for about a block. The theater will be on your left.


오시는 길 : 지하철 4호선 혜화역 2번 출구(공원방향)로 나와 마로니에공원(예술가의 집)과 방송통신대학 사잇길로 50m지점


Map/지도 :,127.0031477,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xd65f40af0e8ef91f



With Online Reservation: 20,000 KRW by bank transfer or $20 by Paypal/credit card. 

25,000 KRW at the Door



온라인 예약시: 티켓 가격은, 계좌 이체시 한화 20,000원, 페이팔(Paypal)이나 신용카드 이용 시 미화 20달러 입니다.

현장 구매 25,000 원


WARNING: This play contains depictions of violence, including sexual violence.  Recommended for adults and very mature teens only.  

경고 : 본 작품은 선정적이고 폭력적인 장면들을 담고 있습니다. 미성년자 및 노약자는 관람 전 신중한 숙고를 부탁 드립니다.


Ticket reservations for each show will close the midnight before the show.  Tickets can still be purchased at the door for 25,000KRW (cash only), as long as there are seats available.  Door sales will begin 1 hour before the show.

티켓 예매는 해당 공연일자의 전날 자정까지 가능합니다. 현장구매는 예매되지 않은 잔여좌석에 한해 공연 시작 1시간 전부터 가능하며, 가격은 장 당  25,000원 입니다(현금 결제만 가능). 


Seating will begin approximately 30 minutes before each performance.  There is no assigned seating, so arrive early to choose the best seats!

입장은 공연시작 약 30분 전부터 가능하며, 지정좌석제가 아니기 때문에 빨리 입장하시는 순서대로 좋은 자리를 차지하실 수 있습니다!



Running time: 3 hours and 5 minutes (plus one 15-minute intermission)


If you are bringing a student group and would like to arrange a talk-back after the performance your group is attending, please email and let us know.  As of now, we have talk-backs scheduled on Sunday May 31 after the 2pm performance and on Sunday June 7 after the 2pm performance.  All audience members are welcome to participate.


Any other questions about tickets?  Email us at


Want to read/watch more about the show?  There's lots to read and watch about our show and our company on our Indiegogo page:



Press about our show:


Official Review by Kirsty Taylor, 

published in Groove Magazine:


Karli in Korea, "Shakespeare in Seoul: An Evening in Peril with Titus Andronicus":



Review in The Soul of Seoul blog:


The Korea Herald

"'Titus Andronicus' as current as it is classic" by Paul Kerry:


Groove Magazine

"Theater of Blood" 

by Steward McFeat 

(interview with actor Brian Petersen) 

(May 2015 issue):


10 Magazine

"Seoul Shakespeare Company presents Titus Andronicus":


Seoul Shakespeare Company on TBS eFM's program "The Bookend"

Listen here (seems to require Internet Explorer):


1) Roundtable discussion with Ray Salcedo (director), Michael Downey (Titus), and Lauren Ash-Morgan (Artistic Director, Producer, Tamora) 

2) "First Chapter" table read of excerpts from Titus Andronicus with Jamie Horan (Saturninus), Brian Petersen (Bassianus), Michael Downey (Titus), and Lauren Ash-Morgan (Tamora) 

Photos by Jorge Toro, My Seoul Photography

Director: Ray Salcedo
Stage Manager: Hee SunwooArtistic Director/Producer: Lauren Ash-Morgan

Voice/Text Coach: Amy Mihyang Ginther

Assistant Stage Managers: Lindsay Bellinger, Laura Jasi, Sung Ho Seo

Sound Designer: Brian MacQueen

Set Designer: David Spadaccini

Lighting Designer: Iain Culp

Fight Choreographer: Patrick Foley

Costume Design/Construction: Lauren Ash-Morgan

English Publicity: Katie Lloyd

Makeup Designer: Jungsoo Lee

Graphic Designer: Charles Joongwon Jeong

Photography: Jorge Toro, My Seoul Photography

Indiegogo Videos: Lauren Ash-Morgan



TITUS: Michael Downey
MARCUS: Miles Meili
TAMORA: Lauren Ash-Morgan
LAVINIA: Heather Moore
AARON: Kahlid Elijah Tapia
LUCIUS: Za’chary Westbrook
DEMETRIUS: Alex Sawyer
CHIRON: Charles Joongwon Jeong
ALARBUS/EXECUTIONER: Robert Evans               QUINTUS/GOTH 1: Simon Clarke                               MARTIUS/GOTH 2: Michael Perez

NURSE/CLOWN: Sarah McRoberts
AEMILIUS: Edward Burgos




Yousef Mubarak, Jacqueline (BJ) Rowe, Raymond C.  Salcedo


Executive Producers

Eric Moberg, Anonymous, Dagmar & Norbert Kloeren, Dan McRoberts, Dan Dunahee, Kevin Were, Amy Harp, Brian Rappatta, Jamie Horan 



Lawrence and Gail Ash-Morgan, Kyle M Johnson, Martin Sawyer, Bob & Judy Evans, Caitlin Priem, Anna Moore




White Lies, Liang Yu Chen, Michael Downey, Robbie & David Bellinger, Miles Meili, Misu Choi, Jacqueline (BJ) Rowe, Lindsey Higgins, Kahlid Elijah Tapia, David Piergrossi, Hallie Bradley, Ann Sawyer, Katie Lloyd, Christopher Zaczek, Chris Dickinson, Jennifer Waescher, Stephanie Ohr, J & M Hundertmark, Michele Sonen, Amber Green, keshe1981, Averi Israel, Tara E Herman, Asbjorg S. Brown, Radio Redwood, Devon Crosbie, Keith Bellinger, Barri Tsavaris, Annaliese Mackintosh, Maya Nitzberg, Wendy Taylor, Jo Brookbanks, Christina Phares, Sara Barasch, Laura Barber, Sara Rickwa, Michel Pottier, Carol Morgan Hinostroza, Anna Sawyer, Jema Abbate, Angela K Belsly, Stephanie Partyka, Lance Noe, Michael Edward Flanigan, Helen J Lee , Michael Duffy, Vinna Law, Salawut Oomon, Cassandra Hendricks, Sandra Wood

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