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Much Ado About Nothing (2016)


Official Show Photos 
by Robert Michael Evans


영어 공연 / 한글자막 지원


Dates and times:

Saturday, May 21: 7pm [Sold out]

Sunday, May 22: 4pm [Sold out]

Saturday, May 28: 2pm & 7pm

Sunday, May 29: 4pm

Saturday, June 4: 2pm & 7pm

Sunday, June 5: 4pm


공연 시간:

5월 21: 7pm  [매진]

5월 22: 4pm [매진]

5월 28: 2pm & 7pm

5월 29: 4pm

6월 4: 2pm & 7pm

6월 5: 4pm


Approximate running time: 2 hours, 25 minutes 

(plus a 15 minute intermission)


Location: Theater Egg and Nucleus 알과핵 소극장

위치 : 알과핵 소극장


Directions: Hyehwa Station (혜화역) (Line 4), Go out exit 2. Turn left at the first road (at the Dunkin Donuts) and walk for about a block. The theater will be on your left.


오시는 길 : 지하철 4호선 혜화역 2번 출구(공원방향)로 나와 마로니에공원(예술가의 집)과 방송통신대학 사잇길로 50m지점


Map/지도 :,127.0031477,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xd65f40af0e8ef91f


Tickets: 20,000 KRW

Reserve online here (and pay in cash at the door)

Door sales are also available, beginning one hour before the show. (For sold-out performances, a waitlist will be started in the theater lobby one hour prior to the show.)


티켓 : 20,000원 

온라인 예약 (예약 후 현장 결재. 현금 결재만 가능합니다. 양해 부탁드립니다.)


티켓 현장 구매는 공연 시작 1시간 전부터 가능합니다. (공연이 매진된 경우, 환불된 티켓에 한해 티켓 구매가 가능합니다. 공연 시작 1시간 전부터 대기자 순으로 구매하실 수 있습니다.) 


Seating will begin approximately 30 minutes before each performance.  There is no assigned seating, so arrive early to choose the best seats!

입장은 공연시작 약 30분 전부터 가능하며, 지정좌석제가 아니기 때문에 빨리 입장하시는 순서대로 좋은 자리를 차지하실 수 있습니다!


There will be a talk-back with the audience after the performance on Sunday, May 22 4pm, Saturday May 28 2pm, and Sunday, May 29 4pm.  If you are bringing a student group to the show, we highly recommend attending on one of these days and participating in the talk-back.


All are invited to an opening night party immediately after the May 21 performance, and a closing night party in the evening on June 5 at Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon.  


This show is appropriate for all ages.  Some nice guidelines for teaching kids theatre etiquette can be found here:


Block bookings are available for school groups.  Please email us at if you would like to reserve for a large group.  Large groups may arrange to pay in advance by bank transfer if they wish.


For professors/teachers who would like to give extra credit to their students for attending this show, but don’t want to have to chaperone students in person, we have devised a system to help you keep track of students’ attendance!  Click here for more information. 


Questions about tickets?  Email us at

Press about the show:


"‘Much Ado’ holds nothing back," [Theatre Review]

--The Korea Herald:


"Korea Live: Shakespeare in Seoul 'Much Ado About Nothing,'" 

Grim's Diary: Travel Adventures in Korea:


Interview with director Michael Downey and artistic director Lauren Ash-Morgan at The Haute Hesh:


"Seoul Shakespeare Company to stage ‘Much Ado About Nothing’" 

--The Korea Herald:


"Seoul Shakespeare to present 'Much Ado'" 

--Korea Times:






Leonato: Lorne Oliver

1st Messenger / Sexton / Tomb Attendant: Mary Yoon

Beatrice: Lauren Ash-Morgan

Hero: Heather Moore

Don Pedro: S. Vollie Osborne

Benedick: Jamie Horan

Don John: Chris Zaczek

Claudio: Charles Jeong

Antonio: William Roszell

Conrade / Tomb Attendant: Angie Ahn

Borachio/Friar Francis: Jason Cutler

Balthasar: Jake Kwon

Margaret: Kim Hyman

Ursula: Molly Stewart

Dogberry: Jeffrey Wagner

Verges: Simon Clarke

Seacoal: Sarah McRoberts

Watchman 1 / Lord: Alameen

2nd Messenger / Watch / Tomb Attendant: Joseph Van Dorn

3rd Messenger / Watch / Tomb Attendant: Mariah Perrin





Director: Michael Downey

SSC Artistic Director & Producer: Lauren Ash-Morgan

Executive Producer: Raymond C. Salcedo

Stage Manager: Lindsay Bellinger

Assistant Stage Manager: Laura Jasinskaite 

Director’s Assistant/Assistant Stage Manager: Maria Fernanda Silva Rueda

Lighting Designer: Iain C. Culp

Lighting Operator: Megan Hammond

Props: Michael Downey, Lauren Ash-Morgan, Charles Jeong

Costume Design and Construction: Lauren Ash-Morgan

Poster Design: Michael Downey, Lauren Ash-Morgan

Music/Choreography: Lauren Ash-Morgan

Translator: Charles Jeong

Venue Coordinators: Ji Lee, Charles Jeong

Sound Operator: Lindsay Bellinger

Surtitles Translator: Charles Jeong

Surtitles Transcribers:  Charles Jeong, Lauren Ash-Morgan

House Manager: Ray Salcedo

Rehearsal Photography: Laura Jasinskaite

Performance Photography:  Robert Michael Evans

Set Design: Michael Downey, Lauren Ash-Morgan

Set Construction/Dressing: S. Vollie Osborne, Jeffrey Wagner, Chris Zaczek, Jake Kwon, Jason Cutler, Iain C. Culp, William Roszell, Joseph Van Dorn, Lauren Ash-Morgan, Michael Downey, Lindsay Bellinger

Costume Assistants: Maria Fernanda Silva Rueda, Lindsay Bellinger, Michael Downey, Laura Jasinskaite, Mariah Perrin








Yousef Mubarak, Jacqueline (BJ) Rowe, Will Forrester


Executive producers 

Toni Timmins, Katherine & Dan McRoberts, Amy Harp, Barbara J Kuttler, Lawrence & Gail Ash-Morgan, Hee Sunwoo, Raymond Salcedo, Brian Rappatta, Anonymous



Anonymous, Anonymous, Robbie & David Bellinger, Lindsay Bellinger, Seoul Players



Joel Elliott, Leanore R Elliott, Laura Barber, Gina Ball, Shana Hawrylchak, Keith Bellinger, Angi Belsly, Dan Wiberg, 

Michael Duffy, Jo Ann and Manny Hundertmark, Dagmar and Norbert Kloeren



Egg & Nucleus Theater, Ryan Goessl, our front of house and surtitle operators, Brian Petersen, Chris Zaczek, Seoul Players, 

Ray Salcedo, Charles Jeong

Get a sneak peek at the show from our fundraising video.  (We succeeded in meeting our fundraising goal!):

Interviews with the cast and crew:

Spotlight Interview On: Michael Downey, Director

"I've never stopped being into this playwright. Whenever I think it's stopped, it comes back like a freight train."

Spotlight Interview On: Lindsay Bellinger, Stage Manager

"I love how Shakespeare draws full characters, where you don't really have to imagine much, because he develops them so precisely--such complex emotions and relationships."

Spotlight Interview On: Jamie Horan, Benedick.  

"Shakespeare's sonnets, Shakespeare's plays, need to be spoken out loud.  They are florid at times, they are heart wrenching at others, and they're very beautiful words, but stopping at just the words does a disservice to the bard."  

Spotlight Interview On: Chris Zaczek, Don John

"Once I had gotten that little taste of how Shakespeare could still translate today--and translate not just for actors, not just for directors, not just for theatre people, but for everyday people, people who had put their lives on the line for their country, for their brothers--I wanted to know more."

Spotlight Interview On: Heather Moore, Hero

"It just clicked, and I decided, 'This is it.  This is what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, and this is what I'm going to seek to do, and follow this journey of being an actor,' which is a lifelong journey.--And it did, it started with Shakespeare."

Spotlight Interview On: Charles Jeong, Claudio

"You go to plays like Romeo and Juliet, you go to plays like Hamlet, and you can easily find an individual who is forced into a similar situation as you. ...And it feels so soothing and comforting to realize that 400 years ago there are people like me who share the same agony, who share the same affliction or the same joy. ...What Shakespeare did so brilliantly is that his dialogue expresses the person's feelings so wonderfully--so cruelly honest, so meticulously detailed about how that person is feeling.  And we all have that experience that you feel something, but you don't know how to express it.  But with the help of Shakespeare's text, you get to speak that.  You get to express that outwardly.  And instantly you get comfort.  And that's the reason why I read Shakespeare, that's why I recommend Shakespeare to everybody else.  His work is the most wonderful collection of human beings--different types of human beings."

Rehearsal Photos 
by Laura Jasinskaite

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