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Seoul Shakespeare Company

Seoul's only English-language theatre company devoted to performing Shakespeare's works. 


Robert Michael Evans: Love and Despair, Much Ado About Nothing, The Winter's Tale, Garage, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear

Jorge Toro, My Seoul Photography: Titus Andronicus

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We are seeking passionate performers and explorers of life. Open hearts, curiosity, punctuality, and sweatpants are the keys to this magical journey. Be fearless, embrace silliness, and connect with kindred spirits by joining us.

How to prepare, you ask? Fantastic question! Please be ready to present a 2-3 minute monologue from a Shakespeare play of your choosing. Audition sides will also be provided on site.

Auditions will be held on December 2nd and 3rd, 2024, at                         (데일리 연습실, Exit 1, Sinnonhyeon Station).
Callbacks will take place on December 9th at the same location.

The show will be performed in late May.

Please click the button below for more detailed information and to schedule your audition!

Audition Sides

Wondering what our shows are like?

Take a quick look at some of our past productions

Videos of Garage (2017) and The Merchant of Venice (2018) are in progress!

The Winter's Tale, 2017

Directed by Michael Downey
Produced by Lauren Ash-Morgan

The full video of this production is in the process of being edited. We will announce when it is released, and may host a screening.

Much Ado About Nothing, 2016
Directed by Michael Downey
Produced by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Other versions of this teaser are available here and here, and the full show is available here:

1st Half:

2nd Half:

Titus Andronicus, 2015
Directed by Raymond Salcedo
Produced by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Longer teasers including more clips from this show are available here and here, and the full show is available here:

Other Information:

(To pause, hover over the slideshow.)

About us


Seoul Shakespeare Company is a not-for-profit theatre company centered in Seoul, South Korea. Powered by a diverse community of actors and artists, Seoul Shakespeare company strives to produce quality productions that reach across linguistic and cultural boundaries while celebrating live theatre and the communities that produce these challenging and engaging works.

Much Ado About Nothing, Full Video


 The video of our 2016 production, Much Ado About Nothing, is now on Youtube and Vimeo!  

Much Ado About Nothing, 1st half:

Much Ado About Nothing, 2nd half:

Much Ado About Nothing Teaser Trailer:

Seoul Shakespeare Company is proud to be a member of The Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA). For more information visit


STA was established to provide a forum for the artistic, managerial, educational leadership for theatres primarily involved with the production of the works of William Shakespeare; to discuss issues and methods of work, resources, and information; and to act as an advocate for Shakespearean productions and training.

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