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Attendance Form for Giving Students Extra Credit

For professors/teachers who would like to give extra credit to their students for attending this show, but don’t want to have to chaperone students in person, we have devised a system to help you keep track of students’ attendance! 


We have created a form which you may modify however you wish and give to your students.  We will instruct our staff at the theater to accept this type of form from students when the students are paying for their tickets at the theater entrance.  (Our staff will only accept ONE form per student.)  We will sort the collected forms by teacher and you can arrange to pick them up or have them scanned and sent to you by email.     


Email us at to give us a heads-up that you’ll be sending students and to figure out how we can best get the collected forms back to you.


Click here to download a basic suggested version of the form.  Modify it however you please, or create your own.


You’ll want to include: 

1) Your name and school (so we can get the form to you)

2) Student’s name, maybe student ID number, class name, and/or department (Whatever information you need to identify the student)


3) Maybe show info (directions, etc., copied from our website) to help the students reserve tickets, get to the show, etc.  (Or just include our website address on the form and let the students navigate it themselves.)

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