Seoul Shakespeare Company

Seoul Shakespeare Company is a not-for-profit theatre company centered in Seoul, South Korea. Powered by a diverse community of actors and artists, Seoul Shakespeare company strives to produce quality productions that reach across linguistic and cultural boundaries while celebrating live theatre and the communities that produce these challenging and engaging works.

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Seoul Filmmakers' Challenge

Seoul Shakespeare Company's Filmmakers' Challenge is a competition in which local filmmakers interpret a scene from Shakespeare's plays through the medium of film.  Filmmakers are encouraged to use Shakespeare's original text but are free to rewrite the scene as they see fit.  The result is a wide variety of styles and levels of similarity to, or difference from, the original scene.  The Seoul Filmmakers' Challenge aims to bridge Seoul's thriving expat theater and filmmaking scenes, giving theater actors more opportunities to act on film and encouraging filmmakers to explore Shakespeare's material.  

Seoul Filmmakers' Challenge #1: The Taming of the Shrew, Act II Scene 1 (Katherine and Petruchio)

Participating films were screened August 11, 2012, preceded by a live performance of the scene.  Prizes were awarded for best direction, best actor, and best actress, based on popular vote.

Live performance just before the screening of the films.  Directed by Lindsey Higgins and performed by Michael Downey and Cat Whitehouse.

Taming in the Wild was a popular favorite at the film screening, with its humorous "translations" of Shakespeare's text subtitled below a completely serious performance of the original text--spoken by a caveman and cavewoman.  Directed by Nash Ang.  Starring Miles Meili and Barri Tsavaris.

Simply titled #2 Act 2 Scene 1, this version used Shakespeare's original text and was shot in one continuous take.  Directed by John Weeke and Kevin Lambert.  Starring Daniel Kennedy and Lauren Ash-Morgan.  Winner for Best Direction, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

Miss Kate makes sparing use of Shakespeare's original text, repurposing it to create a very different kind of power struggle.  Written and directed by Heather Yzaguirre.  Shot and edited by Matt Bedford.  Starring Lindsey Higgins and Paul Stafford.

Leading Apes in Hell is a loose interpretation of the original scene, set in a post-apocalyptic world.  Written, directed, and edited by Joel Elliott.  Starring Ross McKenzie and Wendy Taylor.